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Amy Jones

Director of Marketing and Development

Amy Jones promotes the mission of Catholic Charities to advance and grow the serving work we do. Her efforts ensure individuals, couples and families know we are here to lend support in their time of need. She enjoys meeting people who are passionate about helping others. Generous donors are the reason Catholic Charities has been the steadfast, helping arm of the church in our area for over almost 80 years. Amy’s heart is happy working for a faith-filled agency and especially when she shares with our patrons how their generosity has improved others’ lives. Outcomes like mentally healthy kids, teenagers hopeful for the future, couples committed to work through difficulties, and adults empowered to live better make Catholic Charities a special place. Amy is inspired by her colleagues who see everyone as they truly are – a child of God, loved by Him. When not at work, Amy enjoys any activities with family including hiking, making meals and game nights.  She also loves listening to podcasts and reading books to help her grow in her faith. 

Promotes Catholic Charities and its services.

Meets with Donors and Patrons

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