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Each day, children, individuals and families who otherwise could not afford the care they need reach out to Catholic Charities for help.

Generosity makes certain Charity Care Dollars are available to cover the cost of therapy for those who cannot pay or can only pay a portion. Generosity also ensures financial assistance for families in crisis.

Your gift to Catholic Charities lifts burdens, calms anxiety and quiets fears through compassionate mental health care, charity and advocacy inspired by Christ’s love.

Give hope today! Mail your check or use our secure form to make a one-time gift or schedule a recurring gift to help families on a regular basis. You can also give through Venmo. Find our business profile at catholiccharities_siouxcity.

“As a pastor, board member, police chaplain and client, I have seen the work of Catholic Charities from many perspectives. Please join me as a monthly giver with whatever amount you can offer.” ~Fr. Michael Erpelding



Share your harvest, give through your IRA, or make a gift of stock – all are tax-wise options for helping our families find healing.“We are grateful that Catholic Charities helps people throughout our diocese. Gifting grain has been an easy way for us give so no one has to go without the help they need.” ~Farming family



The St. Elizabeth Fund is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) through Catholic United Foundation for entities within the Diocese of Sioux City. Support Catholic Charities along with other Catholic entities all with one fund!



Leave the world a better place and help future families in need through your will, a gift annuity or designating Catholic Charities as a beneficiary. Your planning will also make you a member of the 1902 Legacy Society in the Diocese of Sioux City!

“My wife JoAnn and I have been abundantly blessed by God. By choosing to give to Catholic Charities through our estate, we’re giving back to Him.”  ~William Kozisek of Storm Lak



Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Catholic Charities whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.


“I’d love to visit with you about these ways to support our mission to help God’s people in need.” ​

Amy Jones, Director of Marketing and Development

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    Stories of Hope.
    Your Gift Matters!

    At the heart of every gift-making decision is knowing your gift will make a difference. Read these stories from children and families who came to Catholic Charities for care. Generosity allowed us to help them through their hardships toward hope, healing and happier times.


    ‘Heidi’ comes from a family with a history of severe mental illness. Abandoned and in abusive relationships at various points in her life, she struggled day-to-day, keeping a job and raising her kids. Being mentally unwell, caring for two young children and irregular employment was overwhelming.  Heidi’s therapist met with her regularly for over a year, helping calm her anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms. She was making progress and living a happier, healthier life. Then, the pandemic knocked her down. Heidi was laid off with no return date in site.  Her younger child’s daycare closed. School closed. Heidi was balancing 24-7 care, worried about bills and doing her best to educate her oldest at home. The extra stress, along with the isolation she felt in quarantine, caused her depression and anxiety to return in force. She contemplated the extreme - ending her life. With counseling and extra support from Catholic Charities, Heidi has again made strides and is feeling better. She has a new job, is building trusting relationships, and taking care of herself. Most importantly, she is a loving mother to the kids who need her.


    ‘Vanessa’, 4th grade, confided in a friend about abuse she’d experienced while visiting relatives over the summer. Her friend, frightened for Vanessa, encouraged her to talk with a trusted teacher who called Catholic Charities. Within a few hours, Vanessa and her parents were sitting together in Rhonda’s office. Through Rhonda’s competent care and gentle approach, they began unraveling what had occurred and how possibly to move forward. Compassion and concern for Vanessa came before any conversation about the cost for services. When it was determined her parents had minimal means to pay for therapy, Charity Care Dollars covered what they could not. Vanessa and her parents are continuing individual and family counseling. With each session, they move beyond anger, guilt, confusion and sadness toward healing and happier times.


    32-year-old ‘Casey’ pulled into our parking lot fleeing her partner who had been abusing her. Alone, with nothing but her clothing and 3-year-old daughter, our staff connected her with community resources to be safe for the evening. Funding allowed us to work with her to secure an apartment, provide her with financial assistance, and to receive counseling to help her cope with the trauma she experienced. Casey expressed, “I know that God sent me to Catholic Charities, and I thank God for all of you. You saved my life.”

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